Veiled​ Walk Through


  1. You wake up in the basement. Walk upstairs and head to the Dining Room.
  2. Pick up the Grimoire from the table.

The Delineation of the Chapels

  1. The Chapel of Focus: Go upstairs to the second floor. Turn left at the top of the stairs and take the last door on the right. This is the Playroom. Walk clockwise in the shape of a triangle in the middle of the room. You should see the shape appear on the floor as you begin moving. Once you complete the shape, a Grimoire Page will appear in the middle of the floor. Pick it up.
  2. Chapel of Decay: Head down into the Basement. Walk clockwise in the shape of a square in the center of the room, around where you woke up. You should see the square begin to fade in as you walk. Pick up the Grimoire Page that appears once you finish the square.
  3. Chapel of Effect: Head to the Living Room. Walk clockwise in the shape of a circle in the middle of the room. You should see the circle appear as you start walking. Once you’ve activated all three chapels, one of the designs on the living room floor will light up.

The Sacrament of Light

  1. Head to the Office on the first floor. You can get there through the door to the left of the stairs to the second floor. The door will be locked until you complete the Delineation of the Chapels.
  2. In the Office, you  will see five candles on the desk. Consider them numbered from 1-5 left to right, and light them in the following order: 3-1-4-2-5.
  3. The candles will rotate to reveal symbols. Consider these symbols to represent the numbers 1-5 from left to right.

The Invocation of the Name

  1. You’ll need to find blocks with letters on them around the house. You can find them in the following locations:
    • In the Living Room behind the overturned chair beside the television.
    • In the Kitchen on the counter behind the refrigerator.
    • In the Downstairs Bathroom in the bathtub.
    • In the Basement on the shelves.
    • In the Master Bedroom on the right bedside table.
  2. When you interact with a block, it will be transported to the Playroom. Once you’ve found all five, go to the Playroom and raise the window blinds to the right of the door. The moonlight will change the letters on the blocks into numbers. Remember this sequence.

The Crossing of the Threshold

  1. You can find this Grimoire Page in the Living Room after completing the Sacrament of Light and the Invocation of the Name.
  2. Go to the Upstairs Bathroom and kneel in front of the bathtub until you hear the door slam shut.
  3. Open the door. The house’s rooms will be rearranged, and the Bathroom door will now lead to the Kitchen.
  4. You will want to pass through the doors with symbols near them. To know the correct order, you will have to arrange the symbols from the candles in order according to the numbers on the blocks. The correct order is as follows:
    • Go through the Bathroom door into the Kitchen.
    • Turn left immediately and go through the door into the Upstairs Hallway.
    • Go downstairs and go right, through the Office door, back into the Upstairs Hallway.
    • Turn left immediately and go through the last door on the right into the Basement stairwell.
    • Go through the door at the bottom of the stairs into the Void.
    • Go through the door at the end of the static bridge into the Nursery
  5. Grab the Grimoire Page that appears on the changing table.

The Binding of the Words

  1. Go to the Dining Room, walk up to the wall, and text “Rebirth.”
  2. Go to the Master Bedroom, walk up to the wall, and text “Innocence.”
  3. Go to the Basement, walk up to the wall, and text “Ethereal.”
  4. Go to the Downstairs Bathroom, walk up to the wall, and text “Absolution.”
  5. Text “open the door.”
  6. After receiving a response, text “please.”


  1. Head upstairs to the Nursery and interact with the Baby